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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Format: Paperback
Rating:  5 Stars
Reviewer: Laurel

This book was on my radar for a while before I bit the bullet and purchased it. Then it lay around for a while on my bookshelves before I picked it up. What was that they said about Willy Wonka?

I’d pick this up evenings mostly, just before bedtime, and cram in a few pages. Early on I was calling this book “my candy”. Just one amazing, awesome, rollicking adventure in cyberspace – and a trip down memory lane to boot. Now, I’ll freely admit, there are many many games, movies and books mentioned in this book that I haven’t played… but there were also quite a few I was aware of and even some I’ve played, watched and read. Regardless, I was taken back to my childhood and my teen years and those early days of computer games.

But it wasn’t really until the last part of the book that it really smacked me upside the head just what a great story is. Wade, Wade. What DID YOU DO!?!!? Talk about giving someone a heart-attack! Yep. Wade totally crept under my skin and before I realised it, I was heavily invested in his success. And though one knows the outcome from the start, that really didn’t help much!

Fabulous stuff. Excellent if one likes books about gaming.