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The Martian by Andy Weir

Format: Paperback
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewer: Laurel

Six days ago, the first team of astronauts landed on Mars. A dust storm forces the team to evacuate and return to Earth. In the confusion and drama of the evacuation, Mark Watney is injured and left behind for dead. Discovering he is alone and without any communications, and no hope of retrieval, Watney must come up with a plan to survive until the next team arrives on Mars. But it isn’t going to be easy.

After watching the movie, I had to read the book, so I acquired it and settled in. And was I in for a treat. Yes, the book is technical (and gives a whole load more information than the movie ever could), given that most of it’s format is log entries from a stranded astronaut, but astronaut Mark Watney’s take on life, innate sense of humour and can-do attitude make for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

This book is an outstanding offering from Weir, and is very well written. The level of detail (and the research that surely backs it up) is immaculate and he kept me engaged from start to finish. That’s actually quite a feat – to be able to be detailed with technical stuff AND keep an audience engaged, and not all writers (or speakers) manage it. Weir pulls it off with aplomb – and a flourish to follow it up.