Hell Divers VI: Allegiance by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

Format: Kindle
Rating:  5 Stars
Reviewer: Laurel

The people from the Hive may have found paradise on the Metal Islands, but paradise has to be worked for when you’re trying to bring two completely disparate societies together as one. And X, now king over both societies, walks a fine line in trying to please both. But while one external threat was known, several new threats – both internal and external. – emerge. In amongst all this, Michael and his fellow hell divers – along with some Cazadores, are sent to Rio in search of more survivors.

I often find that, as I get deeper into a series, I become more invested in some of the characters. Allegiance is no exception, which made some parts of the book tough to read. Good, but tough. And totally the mark of a brilliant author.

Once again, this book is one of the easiest reads I’ve ever come across, in that very little, if anything, gets in the way of my absorption of the images Smith puts down on the page. This series in particular is remarkable for this. I thoroughly enjoyed following the further adventures of X and Michael, and I look forward eagerly to Book 7.

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