Windwalker: Forbidden Flight by HG Chambers

Source: The author
Format: Ebook
Rating:  4 Stars
Reviewer: Laurel

So. Kiva has two older brothers, the younger of whom has yet to challenge a sect to join. Kiva, however, has dreams of being a windwalker, something that is forbidden to women. They are not even allowed to go as far as challenging the sect. Kiva isn’t one to take “no” lying down, though. She’s pretty sure she has what it takes. And so, on the day of her big brother’s own challenge, she sets off to complete the windwalker challenge – unannounced.

What she doesn’t bargain on is the sidi (leader) of the sect’s unbending nature, and the necessity that is reality. As she begins her illicit training, she learns of a great threat to the Bowl she lives in.

This is a fun story that is quick and easy to read. It was good to see a different part of the world of the Aeternum Chronicles, and I can only hope that I see more of the windwalkers in the next series novel Chambers writes. I also want to know whether the troubles this Bowl are dealing with have any bearing on the issues the rest of the world is having, as read about in the main series. Having read Anne McCaffrey’s PERN series, I wondered how Chambers would deal with the bonding with the kiraeen in this story, and I felt he handled it very well, really. It was clear what was happening, he set out the rules clearly, and I wasn’t disappointed.

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