Time Cursor by John David Krygelski

Time CursorSource: Own Collection
Format: Kindle ebook
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewer: Laurel

Jack Augur comes back from thirty years in the future to stop his own wedding. Although he was warned not to tamper with any other events, within minutes of meeting his younger self, he is responsible for the accidental death of the man who is to go on to invent the time machine. As they struggle together to undo the damage they’ve done and get the world back on track, mysterious beings thwart their every attempt. John David Krygelski’s second novel – Time Cursor is a roller-coaster ride of suspense, action and intrigue with an ending that will not disappoint.

This is a complex book that explores the time travel paradox and all its implications. It follows what happens when Jack travels back in time to prevent his own wedding.

While some of the technical passages are quite dry, the story itself is evocative and compelling, enabling one to almost ignore the technical bits and keep pace with the story progression.

A good read if you’re interested in time travel, and the time travel paradox in particular.


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